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Who we are

Finway is an Egyptian company founded early in 2021, with a goal to provide innovative, efficient solution, and trustworthy services in the self-servicing, and e-payment segments. Our consultants are armed with tools, knowledge, experience, and strategies to address the global Financial needs throughout a comprehensive portfolio.

 Finway is representing Hyosung ATMs as a local partner in Egypt with future plans to expand in the whole region, Hyosung offers a variety of hardware products to ensure that we have the solutions you need. With machines built specifically for Banking, Retail, and Business, we have the needs of the consumer in mind.

Banks can choose from a variety of products & solutions that covers:

  • Cash Recycling & Dispensers ATMs: Bank branches can utilize Hyosung’s recycling machines to confidently accept bills, reject counterfeits and dispense cash to customers
  • Cash management (TCR): Securely store cash and rely on accurate accounting software with Hyosung’s cash management solutions.
  • ATM Self-Service Banking (ITM): Hyosung’s core integrated technology provides consumers with the ability to request video-teller assistance when needed.

Finway also provides solutions for:

  • Self-servicing Kiosks: Finway Offers a variety of Self-Serving Kiosks like Payment Kiosks, Document handling kiosks, Ticketing kiosks, and many other types Automated kiosk solutions Finway act as a one-stop shop for all your self-service needs. We engineer, build and assemble quality self-service kiosks. incorporate powerful software applications and remote monitoring system and offer complete self-service.
  • E-Payments: As a means of achieving the government’s goal of financial inclusion, Finway is providing Payment Applications, Solutions, and Services for all market segments either banking or non-banking sectors including mobile operators. We provide KYC Solutions as well as FMCGs Solutions for all delivery channels. Finway also is launching its own Merchant Sub-Aggregator in the Egyptian market.

Finway provides a broad range of knowledge & experience in the cybersecurity field. It specializes in cybersecurity services & solutions with the aim to detect, protect, and mitigate sophisticated cyber threats in a timely manner.

About Us

Empowering businesses and communities by developing smart solutions for everyone, anywhere in the self-serving, E-Payments, and ATM segments.

Our goal is to provide innovative, efficient solutions, trustworthy services and to be pioneer provider of ATM technology manufacturing and branch transformation in Africa and Middle East.


  • Strategic: Our consultants adhere to international standards/frameworks.
  • Professional: Deliver first-class expertise, providing the leadership values that clients deserve, to an industry-leading consultant.
  • Responsive: Rapid action is better than slow, and quality will not be compromised.
  • Collaborative: We work together and with the customer to achieve the objectives and goals by respecting and acknowledging the inputs & experiences of all stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We work ethically & this defines how we think of ourselves and, in the end, how others see us.
  • High Expectations: We thrive through understanding and exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • Quality: Finway stands for quality by giving its valued customers the best class services, this approach ensures a flexible, scalable, and secure environment for the information technology that provides measurable business results to its clients.