SSK Monitoring System

Monitor all your SSKs with full control from any where

Monitoring all your Self-Service Kiosks from your anywhere just using your computer or mobile with an active internet connection is now feasible using Finway's Monitoring system. It's a web application built for monitoring kiosks & Hardware components connected into each kiosk separately to get a clear updated information about each of the kiosk components and their status currently.

Using our Monitoring system you'll be able to perform lot's of stuff in addition to controlling your devices, some of such controlling features are: Controlling your device, Monitoring you Hardware status, Getting customized reports, in addition to a lot more useful info.

These and much more other features are available to make your business under full control, and as easy as possible.

By using Finway's Monitoring system over your Kiosk, your Customer Support team will be able to take actions based on the results of the system, and can take actions much faster.