ATM as a Service "ATMaaS"

ATM as a Service is The Future Of The ATM Industry

What is ATM As A Service "ATMaaS"?
ATMaaS is a sevice provided by Finway to their client, this is simply by providing all the ATM operational services, such as: Monitoring, SLM, etc. and handleing all the hassel on behalf of their clients.

With "ATMaaS", you get all the benefits of an ATM with none of the hassles. Our friendly teams are available 24X7 and will go out of their way to make sure your ATMs are always in top shape, and any issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Finway have a group of experts with a wide range of experience in the ATM market. We have the capability to offer you all ATM services and solutions from ATM Monitoring, SLM services, etc.. and are committed to providing you with a perfect service.

Finway Managed ATMaaS provide financial institutions with equipment, software, maintenance, processing, and compliance services needed to keep a portfolio of ATMs running, and up to date.

Finway provide advantages to financial institutions of any size:

  • Reduces capital expenses and operational costs.
  • Provides a cutting-edge ATM experience for customers with the latest technology.
  • Eliminates day-to-day cash management, service requests, and ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Expands portfolio of off-site ATMs.
  • Retains surcharge revenue.

We aim to establish a long-term full fledge partnerships agreements, by handling all your operational activities.