Monitoring Tool

Keep an eye on your fleet

ATM software solutions help bridge the gap between your institution and your customers, detecting an ATM fault and act on it in speed will greatly affect the customer experience with our Monitoring software for ATMs it is engineered to provide real-time monitoring for all the ATM components which helps in minimizing the downtime and decrease losing customers. It is a web-based real-time ATM management software intended for streamlined, non-stop service networking.

A wide range of ATM operational features including, Fault Management, Remote Management, and much more that can be done.

Our Monitoring system is a Multi-Vendor Consumer Application, which can give it more power in supporting other ATM fleet models in service. Some of the main powerful features in our Monitoring tool are: User-Friendly Interface, Easy Integration, Reliability You Can Count On, in addition to many more.

Own the power to manage your ATMs using single tool


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